Thursday, June 4, 2009

DAVID BROMIGE; 1933 - 2009

Last week brought the sad news of the death of David Bromige, a friend and companion of the poets of Vancouver since the earliest days of the Vancouver poetry community of the 1960s. He was known in those days at the University of British Columbia as a brilliant scholar of English Literature, poet, actor, wit, bon-vivant, editor of the student literary magazine and of the Arts and Literary section of the student newspaper, an all-round dashing and life-affirming personality, which he remained throughout his life.

David died on June 3, 2009, after a distinguished career as a poet and a teacher at Berkeley and Sonoma State University in Northern California.

He was known among the wide circle of his friends for his great personal warmth combined with a razor wit.

A Wikipedia article notes that "Bromige published thirty books, each one so different from the others as to seem to be the work of a different author."

A website created by his family contains reminiscences and comments about David's life from some of his many friends:

A selection of his work linked with some of his Canadian friends:

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