Thursday, October 21, 2010


Illustrations by REBECCA DRAISEY

A is for apple, that round shining sphere of all knowledge stuck in the throat of Adam along with his ale. Ael is earthforlich.

B is for butterfly that circles round that tree, a leaf taking flight, a rebuke to all human belief.

C is for culture, a poisoned and depthless, deathless well.

D is for death that driving and depriving force of all forces.

E is for everything, which clamours for inclusion.

F is for flying, a recent invention, a dream of the centuries.

G is for the grain you hold in your palm, and grind in your teeth.

H is for help, which all of us lack.

I is for instinct, or for intelligence, or for inspiration, take your pick.

J is for juice. You drink and you drink and there is never enough.

K is for all of the words that begin with the letter C, a block in the throat........K...K...K...

L is for loose, like those leaves which are flying.

M is for mother, for money, for the mare in the meadow.

N is for no, the space from which yes begins.

O is for Open. No more needs to be said.

P is for pleasing, the play of the tongue on the lips and the teeth.

Q is the same as K, except for a breath of wind at the end...... kww, kww, kww

R is for raiment, the garment worn by the sky at night.

S is for simple, the better the better.

T is for Truth, which is not the same as beauty and never was.

U begins no words properly, but is often the sound of pleasure and fear.

          U U U U U U U U U U U

V is for view. Do not leave home without it.

W is for Woman, the source and direction of all verse.

X is a deadly sign. Beyond this sign you must begin to be real.

Y is for you and you only.

Z is for zigzag, for a striped black and white animal, for the name of a magician or a musician.

Graphics by Rebecca Draisey.
Photographs mostly from Morguefile.

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  1. This is really beautiful, Jamie! I don't know how I missed it when it first went up several months ago. Very evocative (and provocative) interpenetration of your poetic words with Rebecca's graphics. Thanks for sharing!