Tuesday, April 26, 2011


the sky he contemplates
     this evening

may not be the one he thinks

he sees

hard to tell in this light

the size of sky

tonight cannot be measured

might be too much

to know

the clouds change too fast

to recognize them

the sun drops like a god in the ocean

his mind cannot keep up

with his eyes

his eyes reflect the fire in the sky

he rubs them and the fire

spreads to his hands

and whatever he touches

catches fire

his world engulfed in flames

everything bends and waves in heat

sucking atmosphere

and melting landscape

until the pinks and purples

filter through

and day heals itself

with night

freezing frames

snap shot eyelash

shutter stutter crackle flash

fisheye redeye mind’s eye

all seeing eye

all in favor

say aye

with ultra powerful depth

of stealing souls field

copy capture

picture faker

image maker

symbol taker

icon nikon digital pixel

mega zoom blow up tycoon

pop bulb flash snap

instant paparazzi

pop! pop!


the great wave of dissolve

washes over us

anoints with mortality

and eternity


you are the sound

of the ocean

the space between mass

the place where vibration

launches itself

make a joyous noise

before your ghost

taps you

on the shoulder

guides you

into another dissolve

elevate your vibration

celebrate the simple

and cyclical

each moment

the great wave of dissolve

washes anew

this wonderful perpetual beautiful

Stephen Roxborough's first collection of poems, recently published by NeoPoiesis Press.

Photos 1,3,4,5 and 7 by Stephen Roxborough


  1. I'm in favour; I'll say Aye!

    gordon phinn

  2. Fantastic photos! And interesting juxtapostion with text.

    kim goldberg

  3. Always nice to experience your work